Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving

Customize Your Cock!

Get real personal by adding a custom engraving on any board!


Why dick-shaped?

Is that even a question...

How do I care for my cock?

• Handwash, do not put in dishwasher
• To clean, gently wipe board with damp cloth
• Apply cutting board wax every few uses to maintain shine and luster
• Slciing directly on board may result in cut marks, be careful near the tip!
• Each board comes pre-treated, however, certain foods may stain surface (berries in particular).
• Lastly, despite it's durability, she is a delicate being at the end of the day. TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR COCK!

I want to post this on social! Do I need to tag you ?

100% you must - @cockuterieboards

Am I allowed to buy this for myself?

Kinda questionable but we'll allow it